Wayan Suruswati




Sculptor Wayan Suruswati works in a small village in Indonesia, located on the island of Bali in Gianyar. The elephant sculpture is hand-made entirely from driftwood pieces that are collected from the local coastline by his family and his wife, Tri. They enjoy this unified effort to contribute and enable the creation of his unique works.

Approximately, it takes 18 to 21 days for Suruswati to assemble and complete an elephant sculpture. Working 12 hours per day, his dedication to craftsmanship and creation is apparent entirely in the result of such magnificent organic forms.

Pieces of driftwood are carefully selected and assembled to evoke the fluid and natural shape of the elephant. With the trunk held high, the spirit of this noble creature is triumphant and exalted, bringing good fortune to its patrons through this symbolic gesture of luck.